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Arbitraging Playdium

This afternoon the family went to the Playdium in Mississauga. For those not in the know, the Playdium is a big arcade, go-cart, batting cage and redemption game complex that takes your money and offers entertainment in return. I had a good time at Playdium this afternoon because my son and I discovered how to […]

Sentiment Analysis in Sebastian Barry’s Novel A Long Long Way

I’m kicking around ideas for my thesis in Irish literature and one avenue I explored was examining Sebastian Barry’s 2005 novel A Long Long Way using some techniques from the digital humanities. For those who may be unfamiliar the digital humanities is a new academic discipline that seeks to apply data analysis tools to traditional […]

Quantifying Streakiness in NBA 3-Point Shooters

In basketball parlance, a streaky shooter is a player whose shooting effectiveness is inconsistent: some games they are hitting nearly all their shots and other games they are stone cold. There’s a lot of talk around the Internet about streaky shooters and a lot of top 10 and top 15 lists are made (pity J.R. […]

Daring Players to Shoot

In basketball you often hear about a defender “daring” an offensive player to shoot. This dare can be identified by the distance the defender gives a shooter to take their shot. The reasoning is that if a defender does not consider the offensive player to be much of a shooting threat they will play off […]

Comparing Event Counts with the Poisson Means Test

An exceedingly common task for crime analysts is to count the number of events that occur in one time period (e.g. day, week, month, YTD) and compare them to a prior time period. The change between these two numbers if often the source of much strategy and project-making in law enforcement. What does it mean […]

Revisiting Aoristic Analysis

Attention users of I have retired the web tool and replaced it with a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. Discussion and reasoning below. Back in 2012 I wrote a post about Aoristic Analysis where I introduced a web-based tool for conducting aoristic analysis. The reason I built the tool as a web page was that the […]

Medians and Excel Pivot Tables

One of the issues with pivot tables in Excel 2010 (and earlier versions) is that it isn’t possible to calculate median using the Value Field Settings. In this post I am going to first extol the virtues of the median (again) and then demonstrate a formula for calculating the median in a cross tabulation. Medians Again? Why […]

Police Analytics in HQ Magazine

I wrote a Police Analytics article for the most recent issue of the OACP’s H.Q. Magazine. I tried to communicate the value of data to police services and how my Service has approached the challenge. This article was originally published in the WINTER 2014-15 issue of H.Q. Magazine, the official publication of the Ontario Association […]

Prioritizing Using Exponential Decay

I had an officer ask the other day if I could identify the top 10 subjects in our records management system that were involved in mental health occurrences. On the surface this is a straightforward request: identify the people with the most activity but it gets trickier when you factor in the passage of time. […]

Analysis of Ontario Primary School Class Sizes Part Two: Examining Split Classes

To practice my skills as a data analyst I decided to look into some of Ontario’s Open Data data sets. The primary school class size data set interested me because I have children in the primary grades and the topic is often in the news.  Summary of Analytical Findings Public school split classes have increased from 47% of all […]